Network, system and security integration and troubleshooting

Nateis Network System and Security Integration department designs, implements, troubleshoots and manages your networks, servers, Internet accesses, remotely or on-site (outsourcing or insourcing). We troubleshoot routers, firewalls and switches from many vendors : Brocade, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper... We build and optimize your Data Center facilities.

We implement or improve :

Your secure Internet access

We design, implement and manage your Internet access and its devices. We secure your access installing and administring firewalls/UTM (Juniper SSG,ISG and SRX, Fortinet Fortigate, Cisco ASA or CheckPoint Splat and UTM-1) and Intrusion Detection Systems. We integrate your mail services including antivirus and antispam.




Your secure business network
    •  Wired Local Area Networks :
      Integration of your wired LAN. Implementation of your switches (L2/L3 Brocade, Cisco, Juniper, Extreme), routers (Brocade, Cisco, Juniper ou Extreme), ToIP and VoIP devices, firewalls (Juniper SSG, ISG and SRX, Fortinet Fortigate, Cisco ASA or CheckPoint Splat and UTM-1), network probes and Intrusion Detection Systems (ntop, Securactive) needed to make your network and your Internet access reliables (802.1Q VLANs, 802.1X secure access, high availability...)
    • Buildings interconnections : We interconnect your buildings using wired and wireless links and also fiber-optic links depending on your requirements.
    • Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) :
      Integration of Wireless LANs. Implementation of secure solutions (802.1X/EAP and AAA).
    • Implementation of anti-Wi-Fi solutions :
      Protect your network from Wi-Fi hackers using a complete anti Wi-Fi solution.


Your servers

Nateis installs Linux or Windows servers including your business needed services :

  • Mail services : postfix or Exchange;
  • Authentication : radius, tacacs, ldap and Active-Directory;
  • Web server : apache or IIS (Server Load Balancing solutions if needed : Brocade ServerIron, F5 BigIP, Radware ACE...);
  • Database services : mysql, postgres;
  • Proxy : Squid (Squid clusters if needed);



Your migration project

You need to :

  • relocate a site : Nateis manage your relocation project from conception to devices integration on the new site;
  • migrate from a vendor technology to another one : Nateis integrates your new devices (firewalls, switches, routers) managing needed configuration translations (for instance : migration from a CheckPoint firewall to a Juniper one with rules translation and adaptation) and applying best practices of each vendor. 

We minimize your business impact. If possible, we insure your business continuity during the migration or we plan needed outages during non-working hours, following your requirements.



Your sites interconnections using fiber-optic links

    Design and implementation of your MAN and WAN fiber-optic (IRU) or wavelength interconnections. We integrate the needed devices for you to operate your fiber-optic links. We implement WDM, SDH and 10Gbps solutions. We can also manage the RFPs for links and devices.




Your sites interconnections using VPN


Implementation, monitoring and troubleshooting of your IPSEC, SSL and MPLS VPN solutions. We monitor and administer your routers, firewalls, VPN concentrators...





Your business continuity solution
Sleep quiet. Nateis designs, integrates and can also fully outsource your business continuity solution : We build your Disaster Recovery Plan and redundancy solutions



Your Internet multihoming solution

Multihoming BGP4

Become your own Internet Service Provider. We design, implement, monitor and administer your Internet access network architecture : we manage your links, your transit private peerings with your carriers and your public peerings. We negotiate your bandwidth quality and cost with carriers. We administer your BGP routers to :
    • improve your Internet access performance by tuning transits and peerings balances;
    • insure an efficient redundancy;
    • secure your redundant accesses.





vpnc & VPNC Front End Nateis Edition
Un client VPN Open Source pour Juniper SRX et SSG, Fortinet Fortigate, Cisco ASA...

Iperf, l'outil de mesure de performances IP.

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