Network design, network performance and security audits


Do you have to build a new network or improve an existing architecture ? Do you need some telecommuting services or do you want to reinsource your IT infrastructure ?
We can help you with :

  • our network design services : to draw your future network and improve its performances, availability and security;
  • our consulting services dealing with Disaster Recovery Plans or telecommuting services;
  • our accompaniment while reinsourcing or backsourcing your IT infrastructure;
  • our project management services to help you succeed with all your network and security projects.

Our engineering and design department delivers to our costumers complete architecture description documents, including detailed diagrams of your future network and needed advices and prescriptions.
We can deal with your whole project from design through implementation, recipe and know-how transmission when needed.

Network Design Department

Nateis is specialized in highly available networks conception, modeling and implementation. We implement broadband networks (for instance : 10 Gbps optical networks, WDM networks...), load balancing infrastructures, BGP Internet multihoming, IPSEC and MPLS Virtual Private Networks...



Do you encounter poor network performances, network or Internet access outages ?
Do you contend with serious troubles of your IT infrastructure with true impacts on your business ?

We can help you with :

  • our network security and performance audits;
  • our on-site or remote troubleshooting services.

Nateis is specialized in complex networks reverse-engineering including (or not) security and high availability devices. If you suffer from a lack of physical or logical (VLANs, IPSEC or MPLS VPN) network diagrams, routing or functional diagrams, ask Nateis. We establish a complete diagnosis of your network : from Level 1 (Physical : wiring, optical fiber...) to Level 7 (application latencies, faults...) We troubleshoot your routers, firewalls and switches from various vendors : Brocade, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper...



vpnc & VPNC Front End Nateis Edition
Un client VPN Open Source pour Juniper SRX et SSG, Fortinet Fortigate, Cisco ASA...

Iperf, l'outil de mesure de performances IP.

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